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Both the plugin and linear systems can install onto most substrates including plywood, cement, cement block, wood, brick and metal. Nortem provides installation guidelines and recommends reputable installers who back up their work with experience and professionalism.

Ontario Aluminum Paneling System Stylish,

By: Jason Crawford  | June 9, 2016

Old or New: Metal Cladding Systems Build Style


 Ontario builders and architectural designers have an exciting opportunity to channel the natural benefits of aluminum for many applications. Corporate brands including restaurants, retail outlets and banks are consistently reinventing themselves. Buildings their brands embody are easily recognized by the style of their "bricks and mortar.” Think of your local fast food restaurants, easily recognized from the highway. Look closely at those buildings the next time you find yourself at their front door.

 It’s not just retailers and restaurants that are using metal cladding systems to upgrade their architectural design. Ontario is booming with condominium development, specifically in the GTA and downtown Toronto. The already crowded skyline of Canada’s largest city continues to climb higher with skyscraper condos looking to fill their units with trendy residents. Developers are looking to create the "it” building – the one that is both luxurious but also striking in appearance. One way designers achieve this modern look versus the traditional apartment building look is to use metal cladding systems. Top aluminum paneling system manufacturer Nortem uses two different approaches to satisfy both functional and aesthetic purposes.



Plugin and Linear Panel Systems


 Both the plugin panel (NPP) and the linear panel (NLP) have different properties that will appeal to designers and builders depending on what application will be used.


 The plugin panel (NPP) has a very durable coating called fluoropolymer paint which gives it a smooth and slick appearance. The paint prevents salt corrosion, airborne dirt and pollution. While aluminum has its own natural protective properties the fluoropolymer paint enhances this natural strength. For those looking for a smooth, seamless look, choose plugin panels.


 The linear panel (NLP) has a slightly different mounting system has a different paint coating. Polyvinylidene Flouride is baked onto the aluminum panels at a temperature of 780 degrees Celsius to lock in bright and vivid colours. The NLP is a robust and stylish aluminum paneling system that has both exterior and interior applications. It gives architects and designers the freedom to create a full spectrum of colour and style for commercial or residential builds.


 Material Benefits


 But the aluminum itself has a plethora of benefits for exterior and interior siding applications. Aluminium has a high weight to strength ratio making it easy to work with, but highly resilient. Aluminium is recyclable, if at some point it breaks down! Because of the natural strength and durability of aluminum, most manufacturers offer 40 to 50 year warranties. This makes it very environmentally conscious for those looking to make a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint. For those living in Ontario, aluminum paneling systems are highly economical, offer a high return on investment and continues to usher in modern style for residential and commercial buildings.


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